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  • Preseason Week 1: Vikings vs. Broncos Highlights

    Kirk Cousins vs. Case Keenum.
    A pair of backup QBs impress.

    Full highlights from the Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos preseason matchup

    The Minnesota Vikings take on the Denver Broncos during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

    Viewer reactions:

    Derek Allison Paxton lynch going to lose his job to chad kelly

    Bill Coulter Jr. Kirk Cousins is Not a Backup. He will be the Vikings Starter this year and the Vikings is going to be Very Good. WATCH!

    Cousins wasn't as bad as I thought, I know he didn't play alot but he looked sharp out there tonight! SKOL. It’s sad when this preseason game was more exciting than the nba finals this year just shows that the nba is dead

    Steve Constantine I hope Minnesota keeps that RB Roc Thomas. He's quick and can replace Jerick

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