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    This is some powerful stuff.

    After releasing their new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, Nike has released a commercial that is set to debut during Thursday night’s Atlanta Falcons-Philadelphia Eagles game.

    Take a look:

    That commercial features Kaepernick voice as he discusses various athletes.

    Viewer reactions:

    DeJay Meyer Looks like I am muting and changing the channel during the game tomorrow. Smh. And looks like I am gonna have to buy me a new TV. The one I have now might break with his face on it.

    Clay Chapman Everybody criticizing Kaepernick for being a millionaire and still saying "even if you give up everything" look at yourselves. He gave up his reputation, not just a sports contract. He is one of the most demonized football players in NFL history right now, and if you think him getting signed to a team again will change how people view him, then you're batshit crazy. He stood up for his beliefs and now half of America hates him. Conservatives never shut up about their 2nd amendment rights, but as soon as he exercises his 1st amendment rights in a way that disagrees with your personal views you scream and boycott him and call him the worst human being alive today. Wake up and look in the mirror if you want to see what a hypocrite looks like

    Dylan Walden Dude time and place man everyone agrees with his message but the way he does it is plain disrespectful so tired of this shit hes not oppressed and hes not being blacklisted either

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