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    Behold, the greatest play in football…

    Up 7-0 on Arkansas and looking to add some insurance, Keegan Brewer and North Texas  Mean Green executed a perfect fake fair catch on a punt, taking it back 91 yards to the house.

    greatest football play ever

    — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) September 15, 2018

    Drew Glenn Lol if he doesn’t wave above his head I’m lighting him up. Arkansas coverage team got caught sleeping. Period.

    Dan McQuate Not quite as good as the Juneau, AK JV football team wrong ball play in ~2003. They got the opening kickoff and before the snap on the first play from the 20 yard line the QB yelled “hey coach, this is the wrong ball”. The center handed the ball to the QB over his shoulder and the QB jogged towards the sideline while the defense stood up and put their hands on their hips. The QB proceeded to run 80 yards down the sideline for a TD.

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