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    TCU fans are going to be furious after they see this. For Ohio State fans, they should be thanking their lucky stars. The Buckeyes took a 10-0 lead on TCU in the first quarter following a fumble recovery in the end zone by defensive tackle Davon Hamilton. But, should it have counted?

    Note, it shouldn’t have. ​​Yikes.

    As you can see in the video, fellow DT Dre’Mont Jones was out of bounds, and made clear contact with the ball. Though Hamilton recovered the ball, Jones was out of bounds. This was a gift of a TD for OSU. Unreal.

    Viewer reactions:

    Tyler Theis TCU has grabbed every Ohio state receiver almost every single pass blatantly and no calls, so this is the least they could do

    Dustin Davis You want to talk about that what about the TCU wide receiver taking his helmet off on the field during the celebration
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