Packers QB Aaron Rodgers & Danica Patrick Rumored To Have Split

The timing seems right.

Danica Patrick is done with her lackluster racing career. It seems she’s done promoting her book or whatever else. Therefore, it would make sense that Patrick and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers are done as a couple.

It’s a relationship we always figured was a sham anyway.

After all, Rodgers is gay.

Here’s what Terez tells us.

Aaron Rodgers PR relationship with Danica Patrick might not have a happy ending. Word on the street is they’re spending time apart. All Aaron’s pictures have been scrubbed from Danica’s Instagram.

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I didn’t bother to check Patrick’s Instagram. That would be too arduous.

Personally, I have never found her to be all that attractive. Don’t get me wrong — she’s not ugly. But if you’re going to have a beard, based on looks alone, then Olivia Munn is a much better choice.

Based on personality, not so much.

But here’s an interesting fact.

While Rodgers may “date” high-profile women, none of them are particularly good at anything, other than being a “celebrity.” Certainly not on Rodgers’ level at his profession.

Rodgers is one of the best at what he does.

Munn is in shitty movies, which would suggest she’s not much of an actress. Patrick is a shitty race car driver. Or, was, I should say. Who else has he seriously dated? Destiny Newton, a bartender the last time we checked.

And our boy was actually engaged to that bartender.

It’s disappointing, but Rodgers wants to be this public figure. Fine.

Do that, but at least be honest with us.

Hell, be honest with yourself.

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