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    During the 2nd quarter of Colts-Patriots on Thursday night, the Pats capped off a scoring drive catalyzed by a roughing the passer penalty on Indianapolis LB Najee Goode for touching Tom Brady’s helmet.

    Now on any other day this may be a fair penalty for contacting the QB’s head area.

    That’s hard to argue considering the Patriots somehow escaped a roughing the passer penalty of their own after landing on Andrew Luck with full bodyweight a few minutes before during the same game

    Viewer reactions:.

    Nathan Dunn 3 Patriots land on Luck and the refs

    Son Kisser gets a finger to the helmet and it’s an instant 15 yards.

    Fuck the Patriots and their ref puppets.

    “As a Broncos fan”

    Jordan Smith Doesn’t matter who the QB is… if you touch ANY QB on the helmet it gets called every shot. People just love to hate on the Pats, it’s sad really
    Keith Proctor That’s been getting called for years. Hit the QB in the head and it’s a flag. At least he didn’t fall down like he got shot like Ben did.
    Jeremy Shepherd Like the commentators said, under NO circumstances can you touch the QB’s helmet. It was the right call. Stupid on the players part!
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