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    On Wednesday, Michael Bennett saw his career with the Seattle Seahawks come to an end after the team traded him away. He couldn’t be too mad, because he got traded to the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles who are set up to compete for a long time.

    Little did Bennett know, he was almost a member of the losing team in Super Bowl LII. A report surfaced that stated the New England Patriots offered way more to bring him in, but the Seahawks didn’t want to disrespect the Eagles by backing out of their deal so late.

    Just like they did a few months ago, the Eagles outlasted the Patriots once again.

    The 32-year-old Bennett posted 8.5 sacks this past season and was awarded with another pro bowl nod

    Viewers reacted:

    David Paul Looks like the Eagles just gave the Pats another “L”

    Nick Miranda Great Seahawks! You know who else had too much class? Ned Stark.

    Kevin Kabrareah Pete Carroll had an opportunity to get more for Bennett with the Pats, but just like Super Bowl XLIX, he passed.

    Larry Bishop Thank God this Race Hustler isn't coming anywhere near the Patriots.

    Derrick Davis No way Michael Bennett is worth a 3rd round pick & a 5th….If NE could draft at all they wouldn't need to get rid of their draft picks every year for other teams veteran players.

    Bryan Canney I'm glad the Pats didn't give up a 3rd pick for a guy in his 30s. And for good measure they shipped off his brother saving $$ who screwed the Packers and is coming off surgery (not of high value)..I'd say the Pats made out well with the Bennett Bros. Let the Eagles have him minus one timely play that DL was a non factor in the SB (no knock).

    Samuel Malach While I do hate the patriots with all of my being and I'm glad Seattle didn't do a scummy thing and back out of their deal with the eagles, it would have been nice to have gotten the 3rd and 5th round picks. But I'm just glad Seattle didn't do the scumbag thing and back out of their deal with the eagles.

    Danny Bianchi So class is just not being a shitty organization? They verbally agreed and when a bigger offer came, they turned it down, and so that means they have class?

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