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    This isn’t good.

    Patriots safety Duron Harmon was reportedly arrested as he tried to enter Costa Rica with 58 grams of marijuana, pipes and cannabis oil.

    According to the newspaper La Nación, The Ministry of Public Security (MSP) confirmed at 7:55 p.m. that Harmon was carrying 58 grams of marijuana, three pipettes with marijuana oil, one confection of THS and four glass containers containing compressed marijuana (weighing 4.3 grams). He added that by order of a prosecutor he was barred from entering Costa Rica and sent back to the US.

    Any discipline from the NFL and Patriots has yet to be reported but you can probably bet this will result in a release or a trade to Cleveland. My question is, who snuggles marijuana into a country that has plenty of marijuana. Not a smart move. Hopefully Duron called papa Belichick and informed him before he finds out from the news. It was probably Duron’s first call in jail. I envision it was something like the scene in The Hangover when Phil calls Doug’s wife to let her know they F’d up

    Viewers reacted:

    Michelle Chamness Gilbert How do you “snuggle marijuana” as the article says?

    Laurie Elliott It is legal in Massachusetts. It was a lug head move for sure.

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