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    Philadelphia Eagles Memes 2018

    The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.

    Philadelphia Eagles Memes 2018

    Drew Brees and the Saints this season

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    Poor thing. #whodat @saints

    A post shared by Adrienne Blanco (@blanco08) on

    Eagles fans right now..

    Everyone else

    We ArE tHe NeXt DyNaStY

    This is the best troll Eagles fan

    Get yours: HERE

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    James Thomas Di Paolo Jacob Tyree side note. Do they have salads in New England?

    Kenny Millsap Checked in to see how my boys were handling the Saints with a few minutes left in the 4th

    Shawn Favaro Take away 3/4th of any starting secondary along with your number 1 back number 2 back and number 3 back and see how well you play week to week.

    I’m bears fan and couldn’t care less. But you cant win in the nfl when you dont have enough players to even suit up week to week

    Bryan NeFfy Rios Ay Eagles fan since i was 10, we have ups and down, but a true fan reps the jersey any fucking day

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