Raiders Fan Smokes Out Of Bong Made Out From A Beer Can During Preseason Game

When stadium security doesn’t let you in with a beer bong the next obvious thing to do is make your own – from a beer can.

That’s exactly what one Raiders fan did during his team’s preseason matchup against the Rams Saturday.

Viewer reactions:

Richard Martinez Welcome to California lol where we can’t do something as simple as using a blinker, but when it comes to smoking pot, all of a sudden everyone’s an engineer.

Tim Ayres I don't care if its legal or not, there's a time and a place to be doing that shit and at a football game is not the place. There's families there with their children. Not everyone wants to smell that shit. Have a little consideration of other people sitting there trying to enjoy the game F'ing moron

Hassan Arafat Yes the focal point of the post was the technicality of what he’s smoking out of. It’s a beer can with pot in it, just laugh at the video and move on

Rob Ungermah Nice to know that so many have knowledge of important things in life. Like whether it's a pipe or a bong…


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