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  • Roger Goodell ran a 40 in the NFL office

    Roger Goodell ran a 40. In an office. In a full suit.

    Roger Goodell ran that 40 in 5.41 seconds. In an office. In a full suit.

    Roger Goodell just ran a 5.41 40 in a full suit

    Người đăng: ESPN vào 5 Tháng 3 2018

    Hundreds of athletes suited up to run the 40-yard dash this weekend during the NFL combine. Roger Goodell, the NFL’s commissioner also suited up for the sprint, literally
    —> More: Jordan Lasley was caught dancing in the background of NFLCombine warm-ups

    Viewers reacted to Roger Goodell  40
    Keith Cordier Great job. Now see if you can get these guys to stand for the national anthem. Then maybe I'll start watching again. Go NASCAR Go 48!!
    Camilo Navas Jr. I tell you what man, this goodell guy can fly. One time I saw him run over three football fields to hooters and pound a six pack of caronas and then downed 12 hot wings. Crazy stuff man.
    Coach- Gruden
    Mark Willford Then he fined the person that recorded this $50,000….Edit: Goodell just fined me $500,000 and suspended me for the first 5 games of the season.

    Michael Palmby Girl: Hey honey come over. 
    Dbag: I cant destroying the nfl.
    Girl: But my parents didn't fine me. 

    Dbag: On my way

    Chris Long News Update: Roger Goodell fined $23,700 by Roger Goodell for not wearing proper NFL regulated uniform while competing

    Campbell Krzywonski Orlando Brown is trash. He only looks good cause he's one of the biggest lineman out there. It's mainly fat too

    Jessy Bonilla Ummmm after this the brown will draft him with this first round pick, like many top browns picks he will be a bust lol

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