Here’s what Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like without his insane beard

It’s been years since we’ve seen Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick without that majestic, bushy beard that’s become his hallmark (and also makes him look like Conor McGregor).

411 passing yard Last night. Wrong meme on the wrong guy…

Viewer reactions:

Brandon Baumann 411 Yards passing 3 TDs & put up over 40 fantasy points…Leads entire NFL in passing yards…Yea he’s still the guy on the left! Guy on the right made this meme…

Jon Burnett Godwin had several drops, 2 in the end zone. The fumble was also a turning point. Then Stuart lost his tooth and they’re spending time today trying to figure out who baby Carlos belongs to.

Mike Puckett He threw for 411 yard Jamison Winston never did that.. one of those interceptions was tipped not his fault and the second interception the fucking receiver fell it’s not his fault only one interception was his fault.. but that pick six hurt

Justin St-Louis If defense would have stuffed the Steelers in the last 3 minutes like they did the rest of the quarter, Fitz would have drove them to either a TD for the win or at the very least get them in FG range to send them to OT

Jonathan Hammond Give Fitzpatrick the start until he starts performing poorly. 3 picks is rough, but TB doesnt seem like a defensive-minded team this season. Does anybody think Winston will just reappear and start scoring as highly as Fitz?

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