Ryan Shazier Able To Walk Across Field Without Cane In Front Of Fans At Steelers Practice

Ryan Shazier garnered the biggest autograph-seeking crowd of any Pittsburgh Steelers player at the team’s training camp on Friday, and it’s apparent why.

The linebacker who suffered a serious spinal injury leaving him all by paralyzed last season, has worked himself to the point of being able to walk without the assistance of a person or cane.

Shazier took to Twitter to share the inspiring feat.

Viewers reactions:

Justin Trombley I'm both a Steelers fan and an Ohio State fan and I hope to God that he doesn't return. He's a great player but he shouldn't risk re injury

Mike Shanley Everyone on here speculating. For real I watched that live. Thought for sure dude died on the field or would die at the hospital. This is incredible, this goes beyond fandom or the game. I hope dude continues to do whatever he wants. Nothing but respect from the other side of the state

Jonathan Esquivel This comes with the risk of playing tackle football. I feel bad for him but they shouldn't change the game of football because of this.

Alfred Pardoe He might never come back to the field but by God I hope he is able to walk normally again. Wonderful that the Steelers paid him his salary anyways, people call them a bad franchise psh

Ray Tulanowski That hurts to watch him struggle to walk, knowing that he used to dominate at LB. but it’s a blessing to see him moving on his own. Hopefully a miracle will allow him to play again, but who knows if that’s a possibility

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