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    Though it’s mostly the fights and brawls that get posted to the internet following football games that provoke people to yell and belittle others simply by the jersey they wear, this is refreshing.

    Ahead of the Saints-Giants game today in the Meadowlands, NOLA News photographer Michael DeMocker captured this beautiful moment of a New Orleans fan helping a disabled New York fan he’d never met stand during the length of the National Anthem.

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    Viewer reactions:

    Anthony Strozewski I think it’s awesome that the disabled person knows the importance of standing even with a disability and yet highly paid football players don’t.

    Heather Ferris-Lehman You understand that the kneeling has an actual point, right? That it’s not just players not getting that you think they should stand?

    Mike Oliveri Sports is supposed to bring people together. Not divide them. Except the Yankees. Fuck the Yankees.

    Jason RE actually the saints fan is helping the giants fan over the railing to end his life since the giants suck at football.

    Jason Crespo Went to my local Buffalo Wild Wings today. Literally 100% of the clientele didn’t stand for the national anthem.

    Chris Johnston Fact is, if social media didn’t exist, we would all be much better off. Tell me the last time any hate and vitriol came into your day and it wasn’t on an app?

    I will sit back and wait.

    Alex Lowry Gee if only that disabled person had Universal Healthcare! Oh it’s ok, he can start a Go Fund Me if he ever needs anything. Good thing he lives in America, where we spend money on endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of money to help our citizens. The National Anthem is sure great!

    Matt Stark This is the type of shit that needs to be shown. Not all the stupid hate and fighting. People being brought together by a game we all love. People helping people.

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