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    Sean Peyton amongst just about every other person in the city of New Orleans has been critical of the NFL’s handling of the miss pass interference that essentially cost them a trip to next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

    Many Saints players have been pushing for the league’s commissioner to at least acknowledge that the call was blatantly missed to which Roger Goodell has yet to do.

    In response, the Saints head coach took a subtle jab at the commish, wearing a Roger Goodell clown shirt under his quarter-zip to a press conference Wednesday.

    Here’s a clip of Payton sporting the undercover shirt during the press conference

    The shirt was originally created by Barstool Sports in response to the punishment handed down to Tom Brady and the Patriots following ‘Deflate-gate’ in 2015.

    It was sported by thousands of Pats fans and even then New England defensive coordinator Matt Patricia as he exited the team plane following the team’s Super Bowl victory that year.

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