Saints Players Mock Tarik Cohen For Being Short Right To His Face After Play

The Saints blew out the Bears on Sunday, and it got so bad at one point, New Orleans defenders were mocking Bears RB Tarik Cohen about his height right to his face after a play.


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Steven Vu He’s huffing and puffing while his team is behind. Also doesn’t help when he didn’t get shit on the play.

Joe Ouellette To be fair, Drew Brees has to jump to see his receivers because he is so short
And I love The Saints

John Pruitt Bears, Bears, Bears…we have given you SO MANY handicaps for you to win with our best players Brees, Kamara, Cook, Smith, and Hendrickson out. You have home field advantage, have one of the best defenses in the entire league, and you STILL LOSE!!!

I’m sorry, but there’s no excuses. You need to fire your coach. I’ve noticed he had a temper tantrum on the sides as well.

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