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    Saints vs Cowboys Memes

    Saints fans after a win. Who Dat!
    Saints fans after a loss. It was the refs!

    Sad watching NFL memes grasp for straws & air…just shows this page is ran by degenerates and bum butthurt bitches.

    So accurate

    Make a two-yard gain to get a first down on your own 25.

    Raise your hand if you still have a better record than 30 other teams.


    Please enjoy this image of Stephen A. Smith in a Saints jersey proclaiming that the cowboys have 0% chance of beating the saints

    Meme is salty because they had to scrap all the Dallas memes they had ready 


    A moment of silence for Josh guys

    This might be just a tad bit lot more accurate.

     Cowboys made the Saints look like a bunch of bitches and yall know it..smacked them in the mouth for 60 minutes straight, got them all worked up, and you gonna say they threw the game…what a joke..stick to joking on woman beaters, Eli and the Browns…or change the page name to Cowboys Memes

    Are you ready to troll Cowboys fan

    Grab it : HERE

    Viewer react to Saints vs Cowboys Memes

    Kelly Cowboys fans: "whether or not that was helmet to helmet, one call doesn't justify the whole game"

    That sure wasn't the story in 2014 when Dez dropped it

    I will follow President Trump's orders and not watch another game until everybody stands!

    Nicolas Gerard Johnson No excuses. Saints got cooked on offense. I was rooting for them but lets be real now haha

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