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    After a dazzling 9-yard run where he hurdled two defenders, Giants RB Saquon Barkley broke tackle after tackle on a 55-yard screen pass that he almost took to the house.

    Viewer reactions:

    Michael Harbeson When the giants get a new quarterback, new OLine, new DLine, new corners, new kicker, new safeties, new WRs, new coaches, new male cheerleaders, new beer guys and new owners this kid is gonna be a PROBLEM

    Muh Salami The whole team is bad… replacing QBs will not fix this problem.. the pass blocking is terrible. The defense is terrible. They give up so many big plays each and every week it’s not even funny… the wr group is overrated!!!! And special teams is also trash!! And the play calling omfg!! They need coughlin back bad!! The play calling is probably the worst I’ve seen in years!

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