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    Earlier this week, we saw the end of an era in Seattle, after the Seahawks decided to part ways with Richard Sherman, one of the greatest players in the team’s franchise history.

    The team was willing to bring back Sherman at a lower price, but the all-pro cornerback received heavy interest from the Seahawks’ NFC West-rival, the 49ers.

    After taking a visit to the bay area on Saturday, Sherman came away from with a three year deal worth up to 39.15 million dollars.

    The decision came with a bunch of backlash and this one particular Seahawks fan took it to the next level, burning his #25 jersey:

    The Richard Sherman deal came in like I expected. One year about 9 mil with ability to make top Cb money if he recovers from Achilles and he will. Good deal

    What viewers think of "

    Derek Goforth im a seahawks fan an rs is my fav player but this is classless and petty to burn his jersey he pretty much put us n position to go to an win a super bowl we should b celebrating his memory and legacy with our team not throwing it away lob4ever tru12man 25sealegend

    Shawn Junko Why burn his Jersey? It’s not like he had a choice, they released him and did show any indication they wanted him there. He didn’t leave on his own, they released him.

    Eric David Anyone who does this is pathetic. Sure. Go ahead. Throw a temper tantrum like a child because a player left your favorite team. Real cool

    Edward Contreras They are burning the jerseys to make way for their new 49ers Sherman Jersey

    Ben Halsey It wasn’t his fault they lost the SB because they passed on the 2 yard line with beast mode in the backfield

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