Steelers Fans Rip Le’Veon Bell For Holding Out Of Training Camp For A New Contract

Le’Veon Bell watched Todd Gurley get exactly what he was pushing for over the past few years and the Pittsburgh Steelers running back is not happy.
Bell sent out some tweets following Gurley’s pay day, even saying he’s going to drop diss tracks about the matter soon.

Seems like Le’Veon isn’t the only on unhappy with the situation, as Steelers fans ripped him for holding out.

Viewers reactions:

Jacob Kistler Didn't Todd Gurley just make like 11 million/yr with his new contract and Steelers offered 14.5 to Bell? Pretty sure Gurley is just as good and not a risk for suspension from drug use at the least.

Beau Hanson Just sign AP for a veteran minimum.. and he could give you the #s you need at RB. We all know Ben throws down field with his WRs.

Daniel Andrews Who in their right mind lets something like this trigger their child like tantrums about a guy who wants to make as much as he can? When you ask for a raise, don’t you want the most you can get? Have you not quit that job and found a job with better pay? It’s only football, not life. If your happiness depends on having a playoff chance, it would mean you need a few hugs and a safe space to hide from the bad things in life.

Louis Colee III No doubt he puts up big time stats, but I think a lot of guys in his position would (and have-Deangelo Williams). He’s been injured and suspended, and still got offered more than Gurley got. He should have taken it. If I were the Steelers, I’d trade him to the Browns.

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