NFL MEMES – Tom Brady Memes 2018

The New England Patriots are entering the new season with a depleted receiving core, and it’s already showing.

The Pats had a remarkably bad practice in regard to the passing game Monday, so bad that Tom Brady reportedly asked for the ball back after throwing it to a receiver, only to punt it into the crowd of fans looking on from the stands.

With Danny Amendola and Malcolm Mitchell traded and Julian Edelman suspended for PEDs, the Pats will have to rely on their mantra of ‘next man up’ to supplement the loss of production.

You’d think Brady would be more understanding though considering he found out for himself during Super Bowl 52 how hard it is to catch a pass.

Tom Brady Memes

Viewers reactions:

Ben Sheppard Tom Brady is really not the person to be complaining about someone's ability to catch a football

Don Bruni Remember when the Philadelphia eagles ended the patriots reign.  GOOD TIMES

Peter Gary I still don’t understand why the Patriots haven’t signed Dez Bryant. If they’re gonna be dropping passes in practice, at least have one of the best free agent pass droppers in the league on your squad to do it.

Kevin Webb Any other quarterback does this, it's headlines. Brady does it and it's downplayed. This clown is the biggest crybaby in the league.

Devin Helinski At least they didn't drop a wide open pass in the super bowl

Brandon Crouse Correct me if I'm wrong but when that interview about Rodgers calling out the WRs about a week ago was posted didn't all the Brady fanboys talk about how he'd never do something like that? 

Andrew Martin Key difference between brady and Rodgers that I’m sure someone will infer. Brady is confronting the source of the problem. Rodgers is gossiping to the popular girls at school

Ty Naughton "Crybaby! Temper tantrum!" Geez haters. He's a 5 time super bowl winner, and has one of the best stats in the NFL. He can do whatever he wants.

Ian Carmen When Rodgers blasted his WRs recently they critiqued him by saying Brady wouldn’t do that publicly…. and now he does this lol

Tristan Tolf Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ray Finkle blew a 26 yard field goal in SuperBowl 17 costing the Dolphins the game.

Brandon Moss Weren’t the pats fans just chirping Rodgers about his leadership and setting examples for the young guys….. awe pats fans, please never change

Adam Christopher Not as bad as Aaron Rodgers getting mad at his receivers during a pro bowl game. He's obviously never going to see a Lombardi Trophy anytime soon. So I guess I understand why he takes the pro-bowl seriously

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