Tom Brady Met Gala Memes 2018

Tom Brady Met Gala Memes

Jokes spread when supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s hit the 2018 Met Gala red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday night with a choice accessory, her husband the athlete.

Some of Brady’s male counterparts wore forgettable tuxedos, but the Patriots quarterback chose to capture the theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” To that end, Brady complemented his wife’s gold Versace gown with a Versace look of his own. He wore a black turtleneck under a black jacket with golden scrollwork embroidered on his lapels.

Viewers reacted to Tom Brady Met Gala Memes

Eric Byas "I also drop wide open passes in the Super Bowl! But enough about me, all our makeup is buy one get one half off"

Jack A. Young I'm a pats fan… Even I think he looks like he's about to break the magicians code

Eric Novak Tom is looking more and more like an end boss from a Bruce Lee film. Just need to get him a metal hand. I'm sure he already has the room of mirrors.

Marcus Grimes Guys on here don't understand a blazer game but defend they favorite NBA star for wearing skinny jeans and blouses to the arena.

Kyle Hill It looks like he's about to announce his retirement from the NFL to pursue his lifelong dream of winning gold in men's individual ice dancing

Gisele Alba Show me any other man that can sport this suit and at the end of the night go home with a super model like Gisele!!! Bet you can’t…js! You go on with your badass self Tom!

Steve Moore If my wife made more money than me,! And I was the best at what I do!! You’re god damn right I would wear that shit like the boss I am! I would even match her dress with gold suit and blank swirlies! How u like me now byatch

Fabian Teneyuque I dont think people know this was for a fundraiser and he matched his wifes outfit…he doesn't just dress up like this… he isnt Cam Newton.

Jessica Newcombe I am a die hard Pats fan and always defend Tom and my team to all the haters but even I was like WTFFFF is he wearing and why and was a bit embarassed to be a Pats fan….. Tom just leave your Pats gear on not some girly, monk looking dress.

Jamie Ferenchick Go Birds! Super Bowl Champs! Brady looks like that other creep, Tom Cruise, in Eyes Wide Shut in this pic.

Jodi Silverstein Gould He was at a fashion event that has a different theme every year where the guests dress accordingly. He looks tame compared to some of the other getups.

Michael Deschaine If I had his money you do what you want when you want and don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks about it. Plus he has a HOT wife!

Diane Moretti All you haters would love to have him for a qb

Taylor Beurskens What's he doing with Bruce Jenner?

Louis Mastellone People who have negative things to say about this guy are ignorant or jealous, this guy happens to be (arguably) the best quarterback to ever play this game. So instead of mocking him we should show appreciation for what he has accomplished. Oh yeah, I’m also a Giants fan!

Jordan Krost He looks like a guy who has one of the most popular supermodels in the world as a wife. So when she says "here honey, put this on." You damn sure put that on.
You virgins wouldn't know about that life though

Patrick Kerr How stupid he is, at the Met Gala with a supermodel and a bunch of superbowl rings…Just go back to your 100 million house you LOSER and deflate more balls! 
Nice suit, ya nookielicker

Dan Faltisco Give the guy some slack. He just got done sucking the soul juices out of 3 unborn fetuses. You do that and try to look good after.

Nikki Castillo Yes, let’s all judge 2 multi millionaires from the comfort of our home with our $12.98 in our bank acts. Because as odd as the outfit is, it’s probably worth more than what most of us make in a year…

Jackie Zamudio Well he did magically win a few superbowls that clearly he didn't deserve so it's safe to say he's a magician lol, love Tom Brady Met Gala Memes

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