Tom Brady`s Super Bowl Rings Memes

Tom Brady Super Bowl Rings Memes 

Tom Brady will never the jet flying, limousine riding, kiss stealin, wheelin & dealin son of a gun that Rick Flair was.

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To be technical if you google Ric Flair’s birthday they both had the same amount of championships by age 40


Viewer reaction:

Richard Lausier I suspect they will keep the dented trophy that way. In 30+ years, it will be something to talk about.

Jeanne Coleman I love the dent! It speaks so much volume to who Gronk is and the forgiveness he has received from the entire organization speaks to the kind of player he has been!

Joe Driscoll Yeah. But those were staged championships, he didn’t earn them legitimately. He actually has 16 more than Brady*.

Chip Coblyn He gave it all he had—literally sacrificed his body for his team. Nobody can ask for more. I hope he has a happy and very healthy future!

John Lowry Anyone that spelled his name Rick has no credibility in this discussion.

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