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    Top 10 Best New York Jets  New Uniforms & Helmets 2019-2020 Memes

    The New York Jets are ushering a new era with Sam Darnold, Le’Veon Bell and Adam Gase, and will do so in new uniforms.

    I'm weak 

    The team debuted their new look Thursday night in New York with a ceremony featuring star players wearing the new threads.

    The new unis consist of a green home, white away and black alternate kits.

    Along with the uniforms, the team also unveiled a refreshed logo and motto in ‘Take Flight’.

    So the jets and Giants have similar uniforms this year?

    Viewer reaction:

     Worst announcer I have ever listened to call an NFL game

    As a Top Fan, I will reassure everyone that the other Top Fans and I will be reviewing these uniforms and will make our final decision by April 15th

    They're just handing out top fan badges, I barely ever comment

    As a top fan I must conclude Aaron Hernandez is stilling hanging in free agency

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