Top 10 Best NFL Week 1 Memes : Aaron Rodgers; Packers and Bears

Yes, perhaps you heard about this. Aaron Rodgers is a ninja-wizard and has bewitched all of our hearts in the crunchiest of crunch times once again, shocking the Chicago Bears with ​an insane fourth quarter comeback under the lights at Lambeau Field.

With the football world absolutely buzzing from the Packers' ​comeback from a 20-0 deficit, it's time to regale in the wild scenes in the best way we know how: via the best Twitter snark the internets have to offer.

The Packers are discount double f*cked

Packers fans when they saw 12 coming back out for the second half

“Aaron Rodgers leads the Packers back from 20-0 down for the win, on 1 leg!”

​​They'll be talking about this one at the barbershop.

​​The question is whether or not Packers doctors can fabricate an Infinity Knee Brace to protect the QB's leg while he manipulates space and time.

The Packers spotted the bears

Viewer reactions:

Justin Henkel Credit where credit is due…..Packers came back and won. Definitely deserved it. 

Now reality check. Green bay is one of the hardest stadiums to go to and win at on the road. The Packers won by 1 point…..against a rookie Head Coach in his 1st game. A QB making his 13th start, his 1st in a new system. Every wide receiver playing was playing their 1st game as a Bear. New tight end. Khalil mack didnt know the playbook yet and was clearly worn out the 2nd half (he missed all of preseason). Roquan Smith isnt starting yet cause he also missed preseason. Leonard Floyd was covering Tight ends and slot wrs with a club on his broken hand. 

I wouldnt be talking too much packers fans. The bears will only get better as the season goes on.

Nathan Martin One of the best games I have ever seen. Too bad Collinsworth was all “Mack, Mack, Mack” during the first half, and then turned around and slobbered all over Rodgers’ balls at the end. He’s just as bad as Joe Buck.

Mario Anita This is why raiders didn't want to give Mack all that money. I love Mack is a monster, and was a bit upset, but he alone can't win games all the time. Better to spread all that money in the wholes in our defense than just one player

Will Hines Khalil Mack still had an awesome game, the Defense was NASTY… better offensive Play calling and this BEARS Team can Go far this year…. shame on Matt Nagy for abandoning the Run game in the 4th.

Jeremy Black Proving if they don't have Rodgers they don't have a chance in hell. It was the coaches fault actually though. Aggressive first half, went conservative second half and let Green Bay walk back into the game and leave with the W.

Daniel Brandt Nothing compared to Grudens man-crushes every Monday. Thank Christ we don’t have to listen to that anymore. I remember a few years ago I was genuinely concerned for the safety of Dane Sanzenbacher….I needed reassurance he made it home ok.

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