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    ​It’s been an emotional day for everyone in Cleveland. Especially for Josh Gordon.

    In case you’ve been under a rock, news broke the Browns will be releasing/trading him by Monday. No one saw this coming.

    After the update was released, Gordon took to Instagram to thank Cleveland and its fans for everything. Let’s not forget the two have been through a lot together.

    Drafted Bell and Gordon

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    How can he play in the pro bowl if the Patriots are going to the super bowl?

    Obviously, this isn’t easy for Gordon.

    The franchise had his back through all of his substance abuse suspensions, and had high hopes for him this season. However, after so much, the Browns decided they simply couldn’t put up with his behavior any longer.

    Josh Gordon likes that he’s being released

    Now, they’re expected to trade him by the end of the weekend. Gordon’s “P.S. ANYBODY NEED A DEEP THREAT WR” message is pretty funny. He is looking for a new home now, after all. ​​

    Viewer reactions :

    Ricardo Kincanek It’s easy to understand.
    The reason the Browns didn’t lose is that Josh Gordon caught the TD to tie the game.
    The Browns couldn’t stand not losing, they had to fix that shit. Bye bye Josh.

    Alex Lee The Jags could really use a WR of his caliber, but idk if anyone is gonna take him. I dont know the whole story of why he got released. But if they really just cut him straight up, the Jags might be able to do some good with him

    Shane Shafer Why isn’t Gordon like the one exception? he’s proven to put up all pro numbers while cranked out pre game on lean mixed with cocaine, meth, acid, weed shreds, Nyquil am and pm, shrooms, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrocodone etc. Why not just let him get fucked up pre game, he can handle it.

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