Nine of The Great New Eagland Patriots of All Time

Nine of The Great New Eagland Patriots of All Time 
1. Tom Brady 
2. John Hannah 
3. Ty Law
4. Doug Flutie
5. Randy Moss
6. Rob Gronkowski
7. Drew Bledsoe
8.Gino Cappalletti
9. Andre Tippett


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Fans reacted:

Waseem Iqbal I would take out moss as he only had 2 seasons and put in bruschi


Justin Anderson Rodney Harrison Stanley Morgan Vince Tedy Logan Mankins Raymond Clayborn Kevin faulk troy Brown Willie McGinest Steve Nelson Mike Vrabel Adam V…we literally have a plethora of former Pro Bowlers and super bowl winners and they put Grogan Flutie and Gino on here..

Patrick McCann Flutie doesn't belong in the greatest Patriots ever discussion. He was a backup QB on two different occasions with the Pats

Gregory Seamone Met Doug Flutie in the nursery 4/11/86 his niece was born.It was family time.He knew I knew who he was but it doesnt mean he belongs on this list.

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