Torrey Smith Says Trump Really Canceled White House Visit Because He Found Out Nobody Was Coming

The White House released a statement Monday stating that the Philadelphia Eagles would be no longer be invited for their Super Bowl winning visit due to their reluctance to come as a full team and their stance on the new National Anthem policy.

Eagles WR Torrey Smith took to Twitter to refute the President and his reasoning shortly after.

Viewers reacted

Dan Delury Rude. You don't have to agree politically. He is the president and it's a tradition, honor to visit for the champs

Michael Meadows Welp time for my Panthers to cut him

Greg Kobus He uninvited your team because you are a bunch of pansies yes

Ben Whibley Andrew Home, lol. 
"You're not invited anymore!"
"…nobody was coming anyway."

Heather Sommer Another day another Trump tantrum.

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