Tyler Lockett Makes An Incredible Touchdown Catch vs Rams

I think we just had the 2019 Catch of the Year.

During the first quarter for tonight’s NFC West showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks, Tyler Lockett made this incredible tip-toe touchdown grab in the back of the end zone.


Viewe reaction:

Michael Fiumara Amazing catch and very similar to the many catches of Cris Collinsworth. He was a true master at the toe tap and working that sideline! A definite hero of the game.

Cory Michaud Wow this post came quick I was just watching this.. thought he was throwing the ball away. Incredible play that took a lot of talent from Wilson and lockett. Best play I've seen this year

Gustavo Vazquez Amazing accurate throw by Wilson! I’m a Bears fan so I’m not used to throws like that. Grossman, Cutler and Trubisky would of all thrown an interception instead

Mike Ravet That is a Chris Carter catch if I’ve ever seen one. No one was as good at catching on the sidelines and keeping his feet in than cc. And I’m a packer fan

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