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  • The NFL is all but dead as we know it.

    The league is having its growing pains instituting the new tackling rules dealing with helmet angle during hits, but this is totally separate.

    During the Vikings-Jaguars preseason game in Minnesota Saturday, Vikings linebacker Antwione Williams was flagged for a roughing the passer, for “landing with his body weight” on the quarterback as explained by the referee. Only problem? This can only be called when the quarterback has released the ball, which didn’t happen.

    Granted you aren’t allowed to drive a quarterback into the ground, but apparently now you it’s not permitted to land on top of a quarterback when sacking him. Got it.

    This is going to be a long season.

    Viewer reaction:

    Tony Cottle What's really disappointing was there was about 3 or 4 similar BS penalties on the Jags..but since Vikings home field announcers were calling it.. they didn't give one flying fuck until this play.

    Dan Raines The game is being watered down, to boring snooze fests. Takes all the excitement right out of it. May as well switch it to, the NFFL National Flag Football league. lol.

    Shawn Vossen The Rules Committee is moving us closer and closer to Flag Football. It’s going to be a good awful long season if this is what we’re in for. Might as well bring “in the grasp” back from the grave

    Michael Williams It was that extra emphasis that the refs saw..why it was flagged. 
    Being driven to the ground. Most QBs are the franchise of the team. Owners petition and win to get their QBs protected. Not saying I agree with it but was it necessary, that extra emphasis, no. Is it part of football? Yes. 
    Pretty soon, you'll only be allowed to arm tackle.

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