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    The Knicks should have probably signed Josh McCown to a deal before the Jets did.

    Josh McCown out here catching bodies on the basketball court is the most impressive thing a Jets QB has done in the 21st century

    Viewers reacted:

    Carl Wagstaff I remember when the Manning brothers were doing a joint interview and they asked Eli when he knew he was as athletic as his brother who was then at Tennessee and Eli was in High School. Eli said when they were playing 1 on 1 and Eli dunked on Peyton for the first time. Peyton laughed and claimed he didn’t remember. But they are two of the most un-athletic athletes (you know what I mean… not decision making or throwing, but running and jumping) in the NFL and I bet they could still look like superstars on a basketball court at the YMCA

    Thomas Watts Not shocking at all. The dude is a professional athlete. I bet he is a scratch golfer and bowl 250

    Jeff Gervais Sure he can shoot and dunk. But every time he passes the basketball, it gets intercepted!

    Lucas Beck Josh Mccown and good should not be used in the same sentence

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