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    The New York Yankees had every reason to celebrate Wednesday night, as they defeated the Oakland Athletics 7-2 in the American League Wild Card game and advanced to the Divisional Series to face the Boston Red Sox.

    Some fans, however, took their celebrations too far, as one fan chucked an entire beer at a seemingly innocent ​A’s fan who did nothing to deserve it.

    Leave it to social media to find the culprit, and as you can see from the video below, not only is the person caught on video doing it, but he was tagged him in the post as well.

    Talk about totally getting thrown under the bus. Not only did you ruin some guy’s experience at one of the greatest sports venues in the world, but now the whole world knows you did it. “CrisCrakk” has made his account private.

    Loyal A’s fan ​John Spencer was the one who was videotaped while getting doused and pelted with beer. The A’s rewarded Spencer by hooking him up with new gear and hosting him for a game next season. Classy moves!

    Not only did he rat out his friend, he then made another post making fun of the guy for being an A’s fan and that he’d buy him some dry, Yankees gear instead.

    The caption reads: “Poor Ninja lmaooo nah no funny shit I would’ve bought him some YANKEES GEAR that doesn’t smell like beer.”

    Despite his Eric Chavez jersey getting soaked, the Oakland native and current New York resident was in good spirits.

    The A’s did a great job taking care of one of their own who made a dangerous journey into Yankee Stadium.

    To the Yankee fan who decided to do this, shame on you.

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