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    Russell Wilson might want to stick with football.

    The Seahawks QB, who was also drafted in Major League Baseball, suited up for the Yankees today after being traded to New York by the Ranger, who formerly owned rights to the Super Bowl champion.

    Despite thoughts that he would never suit up for a actual game due to injury concerns, Wilson not only did, but got an at-bat during the Yankees spring training game against the Atlanta Braves Friday.

    Wilson struck out with a massive cut on a 2-2 count.

    Viewers reacted:

    Brandon Gabrio It’s crazy that the Seahawks didn’t run it during his spring training at bat? Y’all can do better, that was lame lol.

    Kyle Cooper Still more than 99.9% of us on this page have accomplished in sports haha.

    Robert Marshall What a crap post. Hanging on to a play from, what 3 yrs ago? 4 years? Just to get people to click on your article, which was full of errors, and generally dismal writing, by the way. Headline made no sense, in relation to RW3 playing a different sport. Maybe this author should take a writing class!

    Andrew Carbajal Struck out but he’s got a decent swing. He hasn’t played professional ball in forever, and not being able to see those types of pitches on a daily basis has affected him.

    Dave Peters Watch him switch to baseball in a few years when he’s tired of playing behind weak o lines.

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