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    It’s no secret that Zion Williamson was hoping of the New York Knicks to get the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, but the ping pong balls didn’t bounce that way, despite the Knicks having a 14% chance of securing the top pick.

    As it turns out, the New Orleans Pelicans and their 6% chance to win the draft actually happened when they envelope revealed that they were selecting No. 1 overall in the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft.

    Following the announcement, it was reported by Marcus Spears of ESPN that Zion wasn’t excited about the idea of playing for the Pelicans:

    During Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s The Jump, Brian Windhorst addressed the elephant int eh room when he stated that Williamson may still go back to Duke since he hadn’t signed with an agent yet:

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    Brian Windhorst explains the unlikely, yet real possibility of Zion returning to Duke instead of entering the NBA.

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    “He does have some options. I’m not saying he’s going to pick these options, but he has not signed with an agent and he has not signed a shoe deal yet,” Windhorst explained. “He could threaten to go back to Duke.”

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